For Individuals

Clarity Consults

Discover clarity, spaciousness, and focus through one-on-one consults.

Dissolve boundaries, simplify complex issues, and make possibilities actionable through one-on-one Clarity Consults. By listening, I help you discover your own clarity and ensure you gain practical insights tailored to your unique journey. 

Clarity Consults are available to current or past clients and by referral. You can opt for a recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly arrangement or schedule individual sessions based on availability. 

Melissa has a gift for hearing the essence of what wants to be known. When I have an important issue and am in a muddle of the forest and the trees, I work with Melissa and emerge with a grounded clarity that shines through, bringing wholeness, cohesion, and resonance to the issue. I recommend her without reservation.

Dianne Dickerson